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What is necessary to play ‘ENCOUNTER’?

1) John Smith and his friends have decided to participate in one of the ‘ENCOUNTER’ games. For this purpose he has made the following steps: he registered on the site, the future members of his team also registered. One person can also register several participants, but it is desirable to send logins and passwords.

2) Then John pressed the button ‘Team’ on the left, the button ‘Create a Team’ and entered its name. After that he clicked the button ‘Invite new participants into the team’ and entered the login of a participant whom he had decided to invite.

3) John Smith has become a captain and now he is able to make a request for a game on behalf of the team. Participants who were invited in their turn also entered the menu ‘Team’ and confirmed the participation in the team. All the participants did the same. The ‘Team’ has been created!

4) The captain confirms the participation by pressing the ‘payments are accepted by cash, to confirm the participation’. The team should consist of at least 2 persons, otherwise the participation won't be confirmed by the program.

5) The captain gathers the team together for a cup of tea, and they read aloud the Rules of the game. Only after all participants are satisfied with the requirements (especially it concerns the age and authenticity of specified personal data), the team will be able to begin preparation for the game.

6) The captain with (or without) the team's consent determines what participants will form the ‘Coordinators Staff’ and the ‘Field staff’. Only field players arrive to a game start place. The ‘Coordinators Staff’ is ready to play, they sit at computers connected to the Internet. As soon as the game begins the link ‘Enter the game’ will appear on the main page.

So, point by point:

What is necessary to register on the site?
1. Go through registration procedure:
1.1. Press the button ‘Sign up’;
1.2. Fill in all obligatory fields;
1.3. Unmark the fields where necessary if you don’t want to make information accessible for viewing;
1.4. Repeat the registration procedure for each team participant.

What is necessary to create a team?
1. The captain of a team needs to authorize under his/her login;
2. Press the link ‘TEAM’ on the user menu;
3. Press the link ‘CREATE a TEAM’ (Attention! The team name can be changed in the future);
4. Invite participants into the team (Attention! The team must consist of no less than 4 participants to be able to take part in a team game):
4.1. Press the link ‘INVITE NEW PARTICIPANTS into the TEAM’;
4.2. Specify ‘LOGIN’ (NICKNAME) of the invited user;
4.3. After that invited users need to confirm the invitation (for this purpose it is necessary to authorize under the invited user’s nickname, press the button ‘TEAM’ and confirm the invitation).

What is necessary to take part in an upcoming game?
1. Authorize under the login of a captain;
3. Confirm the participation (press the button ‘YES’);
4. Make payment by cash in the registration place specified by organizers of the Game;
5. Wait until the team is accepted to the game (team is accepted to a game only after the registration payment is made and the team's payment is accepted by the organizers of the game).

What is necessary to start playing?
1. Enter the site;
2. The captain of a team needs to denote the active staff of the team. These participants will have access to tasks and will receive points;
3. Every participant can authorize under the login, i.e. every participant can receive tasks;
4. New window with a task will open at the moment of the game start, otherwise it is necessary to press the button ‘ENTER THE GAME’ (the button will appear at the moment of the game start specified by the organizers in the announcement of upcoming game);
5. Receive a task.

What is necessary to enter the received code of the current level?
1. At the moment of receiving of a task countdown begins at the top of the page, and as time passes you will receive a prompt for a task;
2. You need to enter the received code in the field ‘ANSWER’ (field ‘ANSWER’ is below the task description);
3. If the code is right you will automatically receive the next task;
4. If during the game an error occurs and you leave the site, after repeated authentication you will be automatically redirected to the current level the team is working on.






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