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Quest Quest (?)
The team is divided into coordinators staff and field players. The staff gets tasks from the website, while field players accomplish various missions in the real world.
from muz1kandКубок С-З. Санкт-Петербург. (#407, 12.06.2023)
3/16/2023 12:37:53 PM  
319 4,815
Brainstorm Brainstorm (?)
Players solve puzzles and answer questions before the display: no need to accomplish any tasks in the real world.
from sidor_lyutyiБлагие знамения [I игра турнира по МШ 2022 "Четыре всадника"] (#389, 24.02.2022)
3/24/2022 10:46:23 PM  
34 665
PhotoExtreme PhotoExtreme (?)
The target is to shoot a peculiar moment. The shot must strictly follow the task conditions, quality is not rated. The winner is the team first and most exactly completed all tasks.
from ArgеntumБонусная игра (#334, 01.07.2020)
9/22/2020 12:48:15 PM  
2 5
WetWars WetWars (?)
from ДайраСекретный Валентин (#133, 10.02.2014)
2/11/2014 12:49:13 PM  
4 23
PhotoHunt PhotoHunt (?)
There will be several tasks (5-10), it is necessary to shoot a very creative photo of a high quality, time for completion is not counted. There's absolute fantasy freedom. Such games are daytime as a rule. Photos are rated by professional jugdes or teams themselves.
from sh83CОт Больших до Маленьких (#268, 11.10.2018)
10/24/2018 2:05:03 PM  
1 103
Points Points (?)
Points game
from Tatyan_kaЁлки новые (#248, 24.12.2017)
12/13/2017 5:13:14 PM  
28 154
Quiz Quiz (?)
Virtual game where the players answers on quiz questions.
from AlexM_DLХимбой (#72, 05.11.2012)
11/6/2012 1:21:48 PM  
1 23
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