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What is the game all about?
Each player of the game takes the role of both predator and prey; each player receives the profile of a victim, meaning someone will have your profile and will hunt you. As a predator, your task is to hunt your prey and wet them with your water-weapon. As prey, your task is to avoid your predator getting you wet. If you “kill” your prey, they will give you their “life-code”, which can be entered on the web site. By doing this, you receive the profile of the prey of your victim. This becomes your new prey. This narrows down the number of participants, until there are only 2 men left standing, which will then start hunting each other.

The profiles contain:
– Two photos: Portrait and full-length
– Information about the location the victim comes from: address, place of study/workplace
– Approximate timetable of the victim
– Information about the person’s mode of transport and (if it is their own vehicle) a registration number.

You can only kill your victim with a water weapon and can only use clean water.

In order to participate in “WetWars”, you are required to have a “Certificate.” This is a virtual document that proves the authenticity of your person. You can read more about this “Certificate” in the “Personal Profile” on the web page.

When are the games held?
Usually the game starts on a Monday and runs 24/7 throughout several days or weeks.

What is required to participate?
– Internet connection to receive tasks and submit solutions (Can be done via laptop, PDA or even mobile phone).
– A water weapon, loaded with clean water

Who is the winner?
The winner is the person that manages to kill the most victims over the set time-period of the game. If there are players that have an equal number of kills, then they will be ranked by how quickly they killed their first victim (the earlier the better. If two people are left within the time limit and one person kills the other, then the killer will be announced as the “survivor”. This player does not have an advantage in the rankings as only the number of kills will count. However they will receive a special prize.

During the game, players may receive an additional task that is not related to their victim. By solving these, the player may receive:
– One additional life (A unique bonus that can be received only once, and only by one player)
– Information about your predator (the photo of the predator)
– Information about your predator (gender, height and weight)

Who is the inventor of WetWars?
The first game StreetWars was held in summer 2004 in New York. Its prototype was a hobby of the local students, who played around shooting each other with water weapons. However, once, two friends – Franc Aliko and Yutai Albert Lyao – realised that such a children’s game was not exciting any more. These young American thrill-seekers decided to take the game beyond the scope of the University as “hunting” strangers is a lot more interesting than “hunting” your own friends.






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